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What is a wisdom tooth ?

Well, wisdom tooth appear late in life, much later than your other teeth. While most teeth appear in childhood, the 3rd molar comes at an age when you are much wiser. Firstly, these teeth are the third and final set of molars you get in the late teens or early twenties. On the other hand, these teeth can be a great asset if fully erupted healthy, and properly aligned. Moreover, most of the time, these molars necessitates removal because of their misaligned position. Sometimes your 3rd molar teeth position themselves horizontally. Their angulations are sometimes away or towards the second molars. However, If these teeth are poorly aligned, they could crowd or damage the adjacent teeth, jawbone or even the nerves.

Wisdom Teeth Surgeries in Karve Road Kothrud


Wisdom tooth extraction is a procedure that is routinely carried out under local anaesthesia by an oral surgeon.

Indications for wisdom teeth removal include:

  • Dental pain and gum swelling near the back of your jaw
  • Food getting entrapped around your wisdom tooth
  • Gum disease around molars
  • Decay in partially erupted wisdom teeth
  • Cheek biting and ulcers due to abnormally placed wisdom teeth
  • Damage and decay in other molars due to abnormal position of wisdom teeth
  • Extraction of wisdom teeth to prevent relapse of orthodontic (braces) treatment
  • As a preventive measure to prevent decay in adjacent molars and to prevent crowding of teeth

Wisdom tooth extraction is a minor oral surgery which is most efficiently carried out by an oral surgeon. An oral surgeon is a specialist in performing surgeries of the jaws and mouth including wisdom teeth removal. At nocacare dental we take utmost care in maintaining the highest levels of sterlisation and asepsis during your surgery. We also utilise the best in anaesthetic drugs and techniques to make your surgical procedure extremely painless and stress free.  

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Please tell us how we can help you !