Dentures ?

Dentures are removable appliances that can replace missing teeth and help restore your smile and function. Dentures are made of either acrylic (plastic) , metal or a flexible material like valplast. A complete or full denture is one which replaces all the natural teeth in either the upper or lower jaw. A partial denture fills in the spaces left by lost or missing teeth . It can be fastened to your natural teeth with metal clasps or precision attachments.


There are two types of complete dentures :

  1. Immediate dentures is a treatment modality where a dentist fabricates the denture prior to teeth removal. The denture is placed in the mouth immediately after extraction thus ensuring the patient is not without teeth at any point of time. After adequate healing of tissues the same denture is modified to adapt to the healed tissues.
  2. Overdentures are removable dentures which take support of remaining natural teeth if any or over implants. Overdentures are indicated when remaining jaw bone may not provide adequate retention to denture. This treatment modality is a middle ground between conventional complete dentures and fixed implant supported full mouth prosthesis in terms of cost and function.

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