What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a structure that replaces a missing tooth. With screw-like devices, the surgeon inserts an implant into the jawbone, and it acts as an anchor for an artificial tooth, called a crown. A device called an abutment connects the artificial tooth to the dental implant. The crown is custom-made to fit the person’s mouth and match the color of their teeth. Crowns look, feel, and function like natural teeth. Novacare dental is one of the leading Implantologist In Karve Road Kothrud and provides a cost-effective range of Dental Implants in Karve Road Kothrud.

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A dental implant is a stucture made of titanium which replaces a missing tooth. It consists of a screwlike device which is the implant body which is placed inside the jaw bone to replicate the roots of natural teeth. The dentist then places a crown or a cap on top which is custom made to replace the crown of the missing tooth. The crown can be made to look, feel and function like natural teeth. An implant supported restoration is the most identical replacement for a lost tooth in terms of form, function and efficiency. With recent advances in technology and materials it is even possible to place implants and give the patient temporary teeth in the same appointment. This ensures that the patient is not left with a missing tooth at any point of time. Dental implant supported prosthesis have multiple advantages over conventional tooth replacements like crown and bridge.

Advantages over removable dentures:

  • Implant spported prosthesis are fixed to implants hence there is no dislodgement of the prosthesis during speaking, biting or chewing
  • Chewing efficiency comparable to natural teeth. Conventional dentures rest on gums which provide limited chewing efficiency whereas implant spported prosthesis is spported by implants which are fixed in the jaw bone
  • Better esthetics as implant supported restorations can be made in a wide variety of restorative materials to suit every individuals esthetic demands.

Advantages over conventional bridge

  • Dental implant-supported restorations function as an individual unit and are independent of adjacent teeth.
  • Implants do not require preparation of adjacent uninvolved teeth for support.
  • Most identical and near-natural option for replacement of a missing tooth in terms of form, function and esthetics

Replacement of missing teeth with dental implants involves a surgical phase where the implant is placed in the jaw bone. At novacare dental we follow the highest standards of sterilisation and disinfection during all surgical procedures. Dr. Sahil trimbake is a specialist oral surgeon and implantologist in Karve road kothrud having extensive experience in the field of dental implantology.

Treatment plan.

This plan for Dental Implants in Karve Road Kothrud, which is customized for your needs, takes into account things like how many teeth you need to be replaced and the health of your jawbone and remaining teeth.

During surgery, local anaesthesia, sedation, or general anaesthesia are anaesthetic alternatives to manage pain. Which choice is ideal for you should be discussed with your dental specialist. Depending on the type of anaesthesia you receive, your dental care team will advise you on what to eat and drink before to surgery. Plan to have someone drive you home following surgery if you’re under sedation or general anaesthesia and anticipate needing to rest the rest of the day. Visit our Dental Clinic in Karve Road Kothrud for more details on treatment.

At Novacare Dental Clinic in Kothrud, we are proud to offer state-of-the-art dental implant services, led by our expert implantologist. Dental implants are a revolutionary solution for replacing missing teeth, providing patients with a permanent and natural-looking restoration. Our experienced team understands the importance of restoring both function and aesthetics to your smile, and we utilize the latest techniques and technology to ensure successful implant placement. Whether you are missing a single tooth or multiple teeth, our implantologist will customize a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. As a leading dental clinic in Kothrud, we prioritize patient comfort and satisfaction, and we strive to make the implant process as smooth and comfortable as possible. Trust Novacare Dental Clinic for exceptional dental implant in Kothrud, and let us help you regain your confidence and smile with pride.

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