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Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with correcting improper positioning of teeth and getting them back in proper form and orthodontics teeth are moved by applying force on the teeth within the physiologic limits. It serves to correct both ,your cosmetic as well as functional needs . Orthodontics not only deals with correcting yor teeth but also deals with correcting of habits such as thumb sucking nail biting ,tongue thrusting which have a deleterious effect and can lead to malalignment of teeth. 

Novacare Dental provides various orthodontic solutions to your dental problems. Visit our Braces Specialist in Bavdhan to get your teeth braces.

Braces are an orthodontic appliance that are used to straighten or align teeth. Braces can also be used as an alternative to surgery in cases where surgery is too risky, such as in young children or patients with severe medical conditions. There are two main types of braces: fixed and removable. Fixed braces are anchored directly onto the teeth, while removable braces can be taken off and cleaned at the end of each day. 





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There are different types of braces that are Used in orthodontics namely

1.metal braces: metal braces are the oldest form of braces . In this metal brackets are attached on the teeth and a wire is passed through them and held in place by elastic ties.

2.ceramic braces : ceramic braces are same as metal braces just that instead of metal ceramic brackets are sed making them less noticeable . As they are less noticeable they are a popular choice among adults .

3.self ligating braces : self ligagting braces are avialble both in metal and ceramic only differnce being instead of elastic ties to hold the wire ,the brackets have door o slot to lock the wire .as no elastic ties are required,the results produced are faster .

4.lingual braces : lingual braces are similar to metal braces only differnce being the brackets are attached to the inner side of your upper and lower teeth .this can case cause change in your speech as well as irritation  to your tongue. These are difficult to maintain and may take more time to produce results.

5.invisble braces : invisible braces or invislign are transparent braces made up custom made plastic aligners that are worn over the teeth . The orthodontist gives you a set of aligners which are to be changed after a given period of time . As  there no brackets and wires involved ,these are patient friendly and easy to maintain .these are suitable for both teenagers and adults .

Aligner treatments are also suitable for patients in whom esthetics is a priority because of their profession or due to social reasons. Ater the treatment is completed a fixed or removable retainer is given to the patient to maintain the teeth in their new position for a given period of time.

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