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Nova Care Dental

Why Choose Nova Care Dental?

Nova Care is one of the best dental clinic in kothrud and is being run by Dr. Vaishnavi who specializes in almost all the fields of dental surgery.Nova Care Dental: With Us – Your Journey to a Healthy Mouth and Bright Smile Is on Track.

Nova Care Dental is a leading multispecialty dental care center in Kothrud, offering a complete palate of dental treatments in one clinic. Nova Care Dental ensures patients have access to some of the best dentists, who are specialists in dental care and treatment, and who are available within the practice, and sometimes through referrals from other specialists who visit the clinic.

Comprehensive Dental Services

 Nova Care Dental has taken an extensive range of services that includes general dentistry which encompasses checkups, fillings, crowns, veneers, and gum treatment alongside orthography appliances and implants and oral & maxillofacial surgical procedures. Some of the key services include:Some of the key services include:

Root Canal Treatment: Nova Care Dental also offers Root canal treatment to avoid extraction, In our dental clinic we are using less pain for the treatment.

Implantologist In kothrud: Because of the implication of modern technology and qualified staff, Nova Care Dental provides dental implants as the best solution for the permanent tooth loss solution.

Dental Braces: The clinic that treats orthodontic cases like dental braces is also provided to transform a bad smile into a perfect smile.

Teeth Whitening and Veneers: To make a patients smile shinier, whiter and happier, Nova Care Dental provides teeth whitening and veneer services.

Patient-Centric Approach

Nova Care Dental is a dental office fully focused on providing its patients the best care and comfort available in the area. Professional team of dentists and a supportive staff in the clinic puts into practice a top-notch quality approach towards patients’ dental health. Through regular examinations to the most complicated surgeries, Nova Care Dental always take care and treat every patient as unique individuals. Visit : Dental implants in kothrud

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

Nova Care Dental fully empowers all their facilities and equipment, which translates to accurate diagnosis and efficient treatment delivery. This is the clinic structural and design ) The clinic has been structured in a manner that it appears to be very welcoming to the patients so that, they get comforted during their visits to the clinic.

Here are the reasons why it is beneficial to choose Nova Care Dental:

Expertise: A team of professional dentists spearheads Nova Care Dental and captures the essence of proficiency and progressive outputs in all services offered.

Personalized Patient Experience: Personalised care is a key aspect concerning the clinic since it assesses the patient’s need, fear and concerns and compile a workout plan to suit the patient.

Accessibility: Located in the heart of Kothrud, there is no doubt that Nova Care Dental is well located to ensure that those needing a dentist can easily access their services.

Conclusion :

The clinic is well-equipped with all the modern dental technologies to handle all types of dental care requirements that patients may have & focuses on patient care. Nova Care Dental is the most suitable dental clinic for all patients looking to achieve and maintain a bright and healthy smile, wishing to experience the outcome of assistant innovative tools, dedicated and highly qualified dentists, and the clinic’s unwavering focus on top-quality services.


Please tell us how we can help you !


Please tell us how we can help you !