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Best Root Canal Treatment in Kothrud

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment aims to remove bacteria from infected root canals, prevent contamination of
the tooth and preserve the original tooth. During a root canal treatment, the inflamed or diseased
pulp is removed and the inside of the tooth is carefully cleaned and disinfected before it is filled and

Preserving the natural tooth with a root canal treatment has many advantages:
• painless procedure.
• Restores teeth to normal form and function .
• Natural appearance.
• Efficient chewing.
• Other teeth are protected from heavy wear or stress.

Who can have a root canal treatment?

• People with the following symptoms should have a root canal:
• Pain when chewing or biting.
• Sensitivity to cold or heat that persists after the sensation is gone.
• Gums with Deep cavities or darkening of the gums.
• The gums have bumps filled with pus.
• Broken or chipped teeth.

What are the steps of a root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is performed in three steps and requires one to three visits.
1. Root canal treatment begins with cleaning the tooth. The infected nerve is removed and
thoroughly cleaned.
2. An intracanal medicament is placed in the canals in case of infection.
3. The root canal space is then filled with an inert material followed by a crown to restore the
tooth to its normal form and function.
Book an appointment with the experts at Novacare Dental Clinic for a pain less root canal treatment in Kothrud, Pune.

Tips on how to prepare for your root canal treatment

Traditional procedures were under the impression that everything was surgical. But now the
treatment procedures have gained much more leeway thanks to technological advances that make it
easy and painless for patients. Before the patient undergoes the root canal treatment, it is better that
he follows some tips to avoid the boos of traditional procedures.
• Talk to your doctor to understand what a root canal is.
• Familiarize yourself with the process before attempting it.
• Avoid smoking or drinking or eating foods that weaken teeth.
• Eat a healthy meal to stay strong.

How long does it take to recover from a root canal treatment?

The recovery time after a root canal treatment depends on the extent of the infection. In most cases,
doctors will prescribe pain relievers and antibiotics to treat pain and infection. However, in most
cases it takes about one to two weeks after a root canal treatment to fully recover.

At the Novacare dental clinic, root canal treatment is carried out after a thorough examination of
the teeth and their degree of severity.
Have a session for an in-depth discussion of the pre, during and post treatment phases, medication
or dietary guidance, etc.




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Please tell us how we can help you !